Company Profile

Turbine Support International (TSI) Ltd.

Was established in 1986 by a former high-ranking officer of the Israeli Air Force. At TSI, we apply our significant international military and civilian experience in the fields of

nternational Trade – Import & Export

    • Project Management
    • Operations Management
    • Field Services
    • Consulting
    • Integrated Logistic Support/Logistic Support (ILS/LS)
    • Supervision of Weapon Systems Development
    • Other aviation-related activitiesto offer you complete solutions to your requirements, whatever (and wherever) they may be.

      The Company is presently involved in a variety of operations relating to engineering, technical and commercial activities in the aviation field. To this end, TSI employs a group of highly capable and qualified professionals with vast experience in both military and commercial markets.

      TSI serves as the Israeli representative of a number of leading, well-respected international firms.

      We are instrumental in introdicing foreign companies to suitable partners in the israeli industrial community, thereby facilitating the pursuit of joint ventures, stategic alliances and other areas of cooperation and benefit.

At TSI we take advantage of the State of Israel’s sophisticated technological infrastructure, calling on high-caliber human resources in a variety of high-tech fields. This has enabled us to garner hands-on experience in the import and export of military and civilian products, as well as consultancy and ILS services.

TSI is an excellent company to work with because of its:

  • multi-disciplinary skills in diverse fields such as mechanical/electrical engineering, avionics, aviation, weapon systems, software/hardware development and integration, and more
  • years of experience in military and civilian arenas
  • worldwide customer base, with access to and experience in international markets
  • strong emphasis on after-sales service and professional customer support
  • diverse, dedicated and experienced team of professionalsIn the following activities both in Israel and abroad:

    Supervision of:

  • F-100 engine spare part logistic support.
  • weapon system acquisitions (aircraft, helicopters upgrading & modifications)Professional Services:
  • master plans
  • technical specifications
  • system organization & administration
  • consulting
  • operational requirements & specificationsTECHNICAL AVIATION ACTIVITIES:

    Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

  • ILS planning & master plans
  • program management support
  • logistic support analysis (LSA)
  • maintenance – engineering, concept & policy
  • reliability & maintainability (R&M)
  • human factors & safety
  • provision & supply support
  • publications & technical manuals
  • training & training equipment
  • engineering & field support
  • technical coordination group (TCG)
  • field data collection & reports
  • support & test equipment
  • infrastructure & facilities
  • consultingConfiguration Management
  • system organization & administration
  • system configuration management
  • master plan
  • consultingGeneral & Logistic Data Systems
  • consulting & assistance in system analysis
  • improvement of existing systems
  • definition & determination of new systems
  • analysis of requirements
  • user applications
  • long-term follow-up support
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